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Established in 1984 with 6 employees and a turnover of £2.5 million

Therma-Chem is active in the power generation industry in over 20 countries globally and is supported by an extensive distributor network. Their flagship product, FS12, is a UNFCCC-approved methodology for reducing emissions and removing slagging and fouling, when applied as a post-combustion treatment for boilers and process heaters using coal and oil and oil derivatives as a fuel source.

Focused on biomass product innovation, ThermaChem collaborates with academics at the University of St Andrews to develop products and services that will meet the future challenges of the biofuels market. The partnership aims to develop a novel product and solution to treat ash that builds up in biomass boilers to lower fuel consumption, reduce carbon, particulate emissions, and reduce NOx and SOx emissions.

A new product will assist power plants in switching to biomass fuels, making a positive contribution to the development of the bioenergy industry across the UK, Europe, and internationally.

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