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Dynamic partnerships for real-world innovation and impact

Put world class experts in your corner

Take advantage of experts who can sit down with you and address your business challenges. We are rich in knowledge and resources that can help you improve products, processes and services.

We work with corporations, SMEs and start-ups across projects and sectors to recruit talent, consult and collaborate. Access world-leading facilities and get the guidance you need from some of the world’s brightest minds.

Speak to me to see how we can help.

Hello. I’m Jayshree Johnstone. My role is to connect relevant organisations in the private sector with academic experts. The team can provide support in building valuable collaborations to create dynamic impact.

Dr Jayshree Johnstone
Business Development Manager for Industry

Supporting research collaborations, commercial licensing and University spin-outs, our success is measured by the real-world innovation and impact our dynamic partnerships create.


SMRU Consulting

Using our world class expertise in marine biology to guide policy and mitigate the environmental impact of the growing demand for offshore wind.



An evolutionary push in OLED technology to solve pressing sustainability issues while achieving massive commercial success.

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