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Ideas for profit, ideas for higher purpose, design ideation, research commercialisation and moving to market, our Enterprise Programmes are curated to inspire and focus on developing practical skills. Packed with tools and techniques to build confidence and explore your entrepreneurial potential, these short courses help turn ideas, research and expertise into successful, sustainable businesses and social enterprises.

Steps to Start Up

Learn what it takes to turn an idea into a business or social enterprise and move closer to taking an idea to market. Master tools and techniques to identify what problem you are solving, who has that problem, what benefit the identified solution will be to them and whether or not the idea is worth pursuing.

Venture Creation

Uncover the reality of start-ups and what it means to be an entrepreneur. Discover tools and frameworks to explore the desirability, feasibility and viability of your research or idea in the marketplace. This intensive programme is specifically aimed at potentially commercialisable research, ideally with one or two other team members.

FastStart Innovators

Assess and test your business idea by validating the problem or unmet need of your customers or users. Unpick ways to build on customer feedback and create a strong foundation for your business. By the end of the programme, you should have a minimum viable product and be ready to build your business.

FastStart Changemakers

Create positive impact on a societal or environmental problem through social entrepreneurship. Define the problem, plan your social impact and explore how to build support for your cause. By the end of the programme, you should be ready for your social enterprise to take off and for you to become a changemaker.

FastStart Design Thinking

Develop new ways of seeing problems through empathy and collaboration. Through creativity, concept development, experimentation and feedback, you will develop creative problem-solving skills and use them to create human-centred innovation for new ideas and improvements to products and processes.

FastStart Web Development

Enhance your technical knowledge and begin to think about how website applications can be used to create new products or services. You will design and develop a dynamic website, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code a React.js web application. No prior coding experience is required.

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Hello. I’m Bonnie Hacking and my role is to deliver entrepreneurship training through bespoke programmes. We can advise on the full entrepreneurial journey and help budding entrepreneurs grow sustainable and successful businesses and social enterprises.

Bonnie Hacking
Programme Manager

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