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Work with academics and scientists, mine their expertise and get support through the funding process. We partner with entrepreneurs and bright minds in business to bring our research capabilities to your projects. Our team also has access to specialist equipment and facilities that can rapidly generate knowledge and data for your business.

World-leading Capabilities
The University has strong interdisciplinary capabilities across a wide variety of sectors, including:

Materials for the modern world: batteries, hydrogen energy and storage, fuel cells, synthetic fuels, synthetic biology, quantum technologies, metamaterials, photonics and biophotonics, solar cells, catalysis, rare earth elements, battery elements

Sustainability, evolution, behaviour, and the environment: ocean and inland water health, marine environment, ocean acoustics, marine mammals, fishing, solar flares

Health, infectious disease, and well-being: digital diagnostics, health informatics, early diagnosis, virology, antibiotic resistance

Digital solutions: decision-making and optimisation, digital security, transition to a digital world

Cultural understanding, peace, conflict, and security: heritage, energy ethics, de-radicalisation

If you have a specific request, our team will work with you to discuss your needs.

Speak to me to see how we can help.

Hello. I’m Jayshree Johnstone. My role is to connect relevant organisations in the private sector with academic experts. The team can provide support in building valuable collaborations to create dynamic impact.

Dr Jayshree Johnstone
Business Development Manager for Industry

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